Giants Pro Neoprene Knee Support

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Giants Pro has developed if not the best, certainly one of the very best Neoprene Knee Supports we have witnessed in 30 years of Strength Sports! They are the top of our line for competing, training, injury prevention and protection while recuperating from injuries.

Giants Neoprene Knee Supports have been created to not only give an athlete’s legs maximum stability and warmth during exercise but its impressive 7mm thick neoprene body and tall-bodied design allows the athlete to achieve a ‘significant’ performance enhancement through harnessing the elastic tension created by the compression of the sleeve. In tests, both speed and power go up when using the Giants Neoprene Sleeve. This cleverly designed sleeve allows the ‘potential and kinetic energy’ that is generated during movement to be returned to the wearer. This in turn significantly increases the athletes’ ability to both squat and jump.

The signature Giants design sleeve features a heavily reinforced functional curved seam at the back which creates support conforming to the knee. This type of support is suitable for all types of sports where strains, wear-and-tear and overuse pain can be a debilitating factor. It is also an excellent choice for those coming back from knee surgeries such as ACL or Medial Ligament damage

When measuring ensure that the knee is slightly bent (about 30 degree flexion), based on the central part of the patella and measure the circumference around the leg 10cm below patella (knee cap).

For questions on sizing please email before ordering as items are not returnable after worn.

Note: Price is for a PAIR!