Giants Pro 2 Prong Buckle Belt

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Giants Pro 2 Prong Buckle Belt

Giants Pro produces a really strong and durable leather power belt. It offers a great value for your money. 10cm wide (4 inches) and 10mm thick.

High quality buckle with two pins for good stability and optimum length for ease of release. Sculpted front for secure and easy tightening. The first weightlifting belt we have ever seen with a built in notch to help you grab on to a fixed object to tighten the belt for maximum lifts! Red and white detail stitching around the outside of the belt with secure power stitching in the center. Embroidered Giants iconic logo on the back of the belt.

For questions on sizing please email before ordering as items are not returnable after used.

Note: XL and XXL are $2 additional!